The "HELLENIC AGRICULTURAL ORGANIZATION - DIMITRA" are private entities belongs to the broader public sector, it enjoys administrative and financial autonomy, it operates in the public interest, supervised by the Minister of Agriculture, is successor and exercise all the powers of the merged entities.

To N.AG.RE.F. Founded in 1989 as the National Agency for Agricultural Research & Technology in Greece and operates as a private legal entity (private law organization), supervised by the Ministry. Georgia. N.AG.RE.F. It is responsible for the conduct and development of agricultural research and technology in Greece.

On April 28, 1910 with the GKL Law established and seventh Ministry, the "Agriculture, Trade and Industry" which was renamed "Ministry of Economy" (amended by GPS4I Law and by Law 241/1916), responsible
a) Creation, organization and administration of Agricultural Stations, standards Agrokipia special Zootechnics, Winemaking, Olive, Dairy Ydatokomikon Stations and Agricultural Chemical Factories.
b) The Agricultural Education general
c) The care Establishment of Agricultural Chambers
d) The Rural Police and the Police for plant diseases.
e) The Police of Epizootic and the Veterinary Service of the State.
f) the supervision and maintenance of hedgerows and gardens etc.